October 01, 2023
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Project Stargate - Meditation, dreams, sleep and astral projection
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About dreamsTopics: 0 Replies: 0

Talk about everything related to dreams such as dream techniques, dream characters, dream symbolism, (keeping a) dream diary, seasons in dreams, sleep, the sleep cycle etc.

Share your dreamTopics: 0 Replies: 0
About Lucid DreamingTopics: 1 Replies: 0

Lucid dreaming, becoming aware in your dream that you are dreaming. Talk about techniques and sharing of your experiences. And what about becoming aware in everyday life because isn't that a dream also?

About The Out of Body Experience and Astral TravelTopics: 2 Replies: 0

Going out of your body and visiting places or persons in this or other dimensions. Talk about techniques and sharing of your experiences. And isn't there also a shamanic task for us there in helping souls?

Meditation / ConsciousnessTopics: 4 Replies: 1

What exactly is meditation, how to meditate, what techniques are there and what are the benefits of meditation. In addition, we can also go in depth discussing issues such as what is consciousness, consciousness expansion, consciousness projection, consciousness displacement and multidimensional consciousness (experiencing multiple realities simultaneously / experiencing the other realities / dimensions in which you are also present are).

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